Reimagine your customer journey and interact in ​innovative ways using our omnichannel ​'Customer Experience as-a-Service' platform.

Seamless Omnichannel

Quickly manage inquiries through various ​channels.
Provide every customer with a VIP experience through ​contact center outsourcing.
  • Help customers quickly access accurate information through ​voice, chat, self-service, email, video, social media, in-app, and ​messaging channels.
  • Effortlessly transition between real-time and delayed ​conversations.
  • Access flexible and empathetic agent teams to align with ​customer preferences and demand levels.
  • Receive consistent support throughout the entire customer ​journey, including engagement, purchase, billing, customer ​care, repairs, and retention phases.

Timely Skills

Maintain the assets that contribute to ​loyalty.
Create a positive impact with knowledgeable ​employees.
  • Improve the alignment of talent with customized job ​descriptions, recruiters, and HR technology specifically ​crafted to enhance the quality and speed of the hiring ​process.
  • Utilize a top-performing training team for modular, digitally ​enhanced learning and growth.
  • Retain employees by offering attractive rewards and ​recognition programs, emphasizing health and wellness, ​engaging in community activities, and providing clear value ​propositions to employees.
  • Boost CSAT by harnessing the power of happy agents.

AI Agent Assistance

Empower your entire customer experience (CX) ​team with digital tools.
Provide your agents and managers with the power of ​data.
  • Monitor important metrics using real-time, drill-down ​dashboards.
  • Enhance agent productivity through automation and AI ​technologies.
  • Optimize queues and call flows, CRM/ERP platforms, and ​scheduling and quality tool integrations.
  • Deploy secure, enterprise-grade, cloud-based contact center ​technologies with a contact center outsourcing team that ​has a deep understanding of your customers.

Enhanced Operations

Improve the cost-effectiveness of customer ​care.
Implement operational strategies that deliver the ​highest return on investment (ROI).
  • Allow our team of Workforce Management (WFM) specialists ​to handle forecasting, scheduling, and real-time analysis to ​reduce wait times and costs effectively.
  • Achieve a successful balance in selecting a delivery location ​based on various factors.
  • Take advantage of pricing models based on per Full-Time ​Equivalent (FTE), per interaction, or menu-based pricing.
  • Reduce call volumes by transitioning from live-agent support ​to self-help options and addressing the root causes of ​customer dissatisfaction effectively.

Attentive Account Management

Plugwork, a Flexible Partner
Client and Customer Centric
  • Interact with individuals at all levels to resolve issues ​effectively.
  • Gain valuable insights from CX experts who have years of ​experience in the field.
  • Remain fully engaged with your program, even from a ​distance of thousands of miles.
  • Collaborate with our account leaders who are consistently ​available to elevate your brand.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Plugwork Registered?
Plugwork Direct BPO LLC is a US-​registered company headquartered ​at 1207 Delaware Ave #1725, ​Wilmington, DE 19806. The operations ​are based in the Philippines, where ​Plugwork is also registered.
What types of reports does Plugwork offer?
We offer reports on a daily, weekly, ​monthly, and quarterly basis. ​Additionally, we provide clients with ​a comprehensive 360-degree ​analytics dashboard.
How does Plugwork ensure CSAT?
Ensuring agent engagement is ​crucial, and we proactively ​encourage employee satisfaction. ​We offer quality assurance, auditors, ​and Voice of Customer (VoC) ​experts.
Can Plugwork agents boost revenues?
Absolutely! We boost sales through ​campaign support, upselling/cross-​selling initiatives, loyalty programs, ​strategic outbound calling, and field ​sales team assistance.
Do we need to provide any telephony or technology?

Plugwork is highly adaptable. We can ​provide such services within the ​company, client-owned, or hybrid ​IT/telephony infrastructure.

What is a typical program size?

Our contact center programs vary in ​size, ranging from 50 to 1,000+ ​agents. Additionally, we provide 0-​agent, digital, self-serve customer ​experiences!

How do you ensure my brand and customer data remain secure?

Plugwork complies with legislation, ​has stringent security policies, and ​even offers security managed ​services for AI-enabled CXs.

How are Plugwork agents trained?

Training typically involves a combination ​of client-specific and Plugwork training. ​We provide training for new hires, on-​the-job training, remediation, ongoing ​training, and for team leaders.

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