Elevating Roofing ​Businesses to New Heights

Efficiency and productivity are paramount in the roofing industry. ​Time spent on administrative tasks detracts from core roofing work.

Plugwork Virtual Staff Services

As you know, the roofing industry is all about efficiency - every minute spent on ​administrative tasks is a minute that could be better used on the job site. That's where ​our outsourcing services come in.
We have a team of highly skilled virtual assistants who can take care of all your back-​office needs - from scheduling appointments and managing vendor relationships to ​handling accounts payable and invoicing. This allows you and your team to focus ​solely on what you do best: delivering exceptional roofing services.

What a Roofing Virtual Staff Can Do For Your Business


  • Monitoring nextdoor neighborhood ​platforms to identify opportunities and ​foster engagement
  • Examining local facebook communities to ​surface potential opportunities and ​cultivate engagement
  • Leveraging email marketing campaigns to ​connect with unconverted leads and ​referral sources


  • Manage accounts payable for roofing ​materials suppliers
  • Ensure tax compliance for roofing ​contractor operations
  • Oversee and manage roofing project ​budgets and costs


  • Meticulously organize and manage ​records to ensure compliance with ​building regulations
  • Manage and oversee vendor relationships
  • Proactively research and propose ​innovative software technologies to drive ​operational efficiencies


  • Administer progress invoicing for ​extended roofing projects
  • Generate comprehensive invoicing reports ​and detailed financial statements
  • Produce thorough and accurate invoices ​for roofing project billings


  • Promptly schedule appointments based ​on incoming email requests
  • Liaise with insurance providers to ​coordinate and schedule necessary ​inspections
  • Diligently input prospect and customer ​data into CRM systems


  • Engage in negotiations to secure favorable ​payment terms with suppliers
  • Administer the lien filing process for ​outstanding roofing project payments
  • Proactively monitor and promptly resolve ​billing discrepancies

Support Team Offerings

Customized solutions designed specifically to meet your unique business needs, ​enabling optimal efficiency and effectiveness in realizing your objectives.

Team of 2

$4,860 per month

Team of 3

$6,880 per month

Team of 4+

$9,170 per month

Plugwork’s Flexible and ​Comprehensive Assistance

“We have consistently been impressed by the exceptional service ​provided by Plugwork. Their team's expertise, reliability, and unwavering ​commitment to excellence have significantly influenced our operations.”
- US Construction Business

Simple Onboarding Procedures

Speak with one of our Client ​Solutions Manager to discuss ​your business challenges.
Screening of Candidates
Depending on the role, it usually ​takes 3-5 working days for us to ​line up the top candidates for a ​final interview with your hiring ​team.
Team Commences ​Operations
Your team will report before ​and after shifts by sending ​reports, daily.

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