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Construction Company Case Study
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Global Software Security Case Study
Claims Management Case Study
SaaS Platform Case Study
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Construction Company Case Study

Company background:

A Leading construction business in North America with a focus on commercial and residential projects.

Challenges Faced:

Clients faced significant challenges in expanding their client base and securing new projects. Their internal resources were stretched thin, making it difficult to dedicate sufficient time and effort to prospecting and appointment setting. As a result, their growth potential was hindered, and they struggled to reach their revenue targets.

Solution Provided:

Recognizing the need for expert assistance, Client engaged Plugwork Outsourcing Services to streamline their appointment setting process. Plugwork deployed a dedicated team of skilled professionals who understood the construction industry's nuances and had experience in engaging with key decision-makers. Through personalized outreach campaigns and strategic scheduling, Plugwork aimed to generate high-quality appointments for the client.


By leveraging Plugwork’s outsourcing services for appointment setting, Client witnessed a remarkable transformation in their business growth. The tailored approach resulted in a significant increase in qualified leads and appointments with potential clients. Clients were able to secure lucrative contracts and projects that propelled their revenue and market presence. The partnership with Plugwork Outsourcing Services not only optimized their sales pipeline but also enhanced their brand reputation in the construction industry.

Travel Agency Case Study

Company Background:

The client is a travel agency based in the United States that markets wilderness resorts in forests and mountains, along with weekend accommodations at farms, ranches, and vineyards


A travel agency based in the United States, focusing on promoting nature resorts and weekend getaways, aimed to improve user experience on mobile devices. Although they had a responsive website, the agency lacked expertise in mobile app development and aimed to strengthen customer loyalty by creating mobile applications for iOS and Android.


The agency collaborated with Plugwork Direct to create cross-platform iOS and Android applications using React Native, with the goal of saving time and costs. The Plugwork team, consisting of a project manager, two React Native developers, and a testing engineer, started the project within a two-week timeframe. Over a period of six months, they utilized Agile methodology and provided regular demonstrations to the client. The developed applications replicated the functionality of the website, providing features such as account settings, location categories, a search map, trip history, payment options, and booking confirmation.


After being released on the App Store and Google Play, the applications received impressive user ratings of 4.9 and 4.4 respectively. Users praised the apps for their seamless performance and user-friendly interface, highlighting how cross-platform technology can deliver user experiences that are nearly indistinguishable from native applications.

Global Software Security Case Study

Company Background:

The client is a global leader in security software and hardware, generating substantial annual revenue exceeding half a billion. 


The organization faced issues in sales management and representative effectiveness across various teams and locations. Sales managers lacked clear development paths, while experienced managers needed tools to thrive in competitive environments. Additionally, there was a need to improve cross-selling and upselling opportunities, as well as enhance the effectiveness of the Sales Development Representative (SDR) function.


Partnering with Plugwork, the company implemented tailored programs to address these challenges. This included a global management development initiative, sales competency frameworks, SDR effectiveness training, renewal specialist programs, and mid-market sales representative initiatives.


The outcomes of these programs were significant:

  • SDRs generated 88% more Qualified Sales Opportunities (QSOs).
  • Acceptance of opportunities by sales teams increased by 170%.
  • Average revenue from QSOs rose by 142%.
  • Marketing qualified lead (MQLs) to sales qualified lead (SQLs) conversion improved by 95%.
  • Closed-won ratio increased by 153%.
  • Cross-selling capability saw an 11% improvement.

Overall, the partnership with Plugwork Direct resulted in improved manager and representative effectiveness, leading to enhanced sales performance and revenue growth for the organization.

Claims Management Case Study

Company Background:

A Claims Management Company based in North America provides solutions for claims and productivity management. The company offers services such as claims processing, productivity management, managed care, risk consulting, and more to clients in the United States and Canada. Specializing in various areas including workers' compensation, disability, FMLA, employee absence management, managed care, liability claims, warranty services, fraud investigation, structured settlements, and Medicare compliance solutions.


A well-known claims management firm encountered notable difficulties in effectively merging two acquired entities, especially one acquisition that included four client companies. The acquisition process experienced delays and exceeded the budget, putting client relationships and revenue at risk. At the same time, accommodating a large retail client required a significant boost in operational capabilities. Senior leadership acknowledged the importance of enhancing project management procedures to guarantee prompt delivery and enhanced supervision.


Partnering with Plugwork, the company implemented several strategies:

  • Centralized decision-making and clarified roles and responsibilities for the major acquisition.
  • Appointed a technology champion to oversee integration efforts.
  • Assigned a senior program manager to coordinate implementation for the retail client, focusing on standardization and coordination.
  • Provided training and mentoring to improve project management capabilities, emphasizing meetings management and communication.
  • Introduced Agile methodology to enhance development efforts, particularly in requirements definition and testing.


With Plugwork support, the company achieved significant outcomes:

  • Successfully integrated over 1,000 new clients and doubled claims serviced by opening two call centers.
  • Reset and recover the troubled acquisition program, meeting all targets within eight months.
  • Launched two call centers for the retail client on schedule, including infrastructure setup and hiring.
  • Realigned development targets, resulting in more realistic timelines and successful outcomes.
  • Achieved a 30% increase in corporate revenues, validating the ROI of the acquisitions and program initiatives.
SaaS Platform Case Study

Company Background:

Established in 2020, a platform enables connections among entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors to promote equal access to resources. With a worldwide community surpassing 2,000, the platform strives to develop the most impactful startup environment globally.


A new business that fosters connections between entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors encountered difficulties in effectively handling its rapid expansion and resource distribution. As its global community continued to grow, the necessity for an efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system became apparent.


Plugwork tackles issues related to scalability and serves as a unified platform that provides integrated marketing, sales, and customer service solutions, simplifying processes and removing data barriers. This consolidation enabled seamless business administration and enhanced resource distribution.


Plugwork played a vital role in saving significant time, money, and effort. By automating up to 200 manual tasks weekly, resource distribution was optimized, allowing the team to concentrate on growth strategies. The integration and analysis of real-time data facilitated prompt decision-making, leading to substantial time savings and operational effectiveness, supporting the ongoing expansion of the worldwide network.

D2C Retail Case Study

Company Background:

A sustainable D2C marketplace was founded in 2019 and is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Offering a wide variety of products, the marketplace places a strong emphasis on the sectors of home, living, and sleeping. Moreover, it operates a physical store referred to as the experience center, facilitating enhanced brand-customer interactions.


Within the competitive environment of the fashion industry, there was a significant challenge in developing a pricing strategy that could compete with established industry leaders. Striking a balance between competitive pricing and ensuring profitability presented a tough obstacle, resulting in considerable time and resources being dedicated to gathering competitive intelligence from different sales channels. This diversion of attention took focus away from essential business operations.


To improve competitive analysis and optimize resource allocation, Plugwork revolutionized the process by providing comprehensive market insights. This included detailed data on the price trends of top-selling products and key categories. With this advancement, accessing competitor pricing information has become seamless and efficient, enabling well-informed pricing decisions without sacrificing valuable time and resources.


By incorporating Plugwork, the company has directed its attention towards essential business activities. The straightforward data delivery system enables immediate utilization of market insights, empowering the business to make well-informed pricing decisions accurately. Additionally, the Safe Mode Module in Plugwork allows for the risk-free testing of new pricing strategies, boosting competitiveness in the highly competitive fashion industry and ensuring the consistent application of optimal pricing strategies.